Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Irish Dinner

I didn't have this exactly on St. Patty's day but we had it around the right time. I surprisingly have never cooked corned beef and cabbage, it was good, tender, I am thinking though that it would be good to figure out a way to get it to be less salty. I mean I know that they brine it and everything but the sodium intake alone will kill ya! Needless to say Molly LOVED IT! She really likes the meat, could care about the veggies in this dish but loved the meat. The veggies cooked with it in my slow cooker but the recipe I followed called for a bottle of Irish Amber beer. The beer I used was a little hoppy, so I am thinking that could be the aversion. Next year might go for Colcannon, it is one of my favorites! Maybe if we get the garden planted soon we could even do it with some of our home grown potatoes! You can also see a bit of my Irish soda bread there in the left hand corner, it was tasty. I probably could have cooked it a bit longer but overall it was a stick to your ribs kind of dinner. I was full super quick, as was Brian.

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