Saturday, March 20, 2010

No pictures???

So I haven't blogged in a weeks time, and that would lead one to believe that I haven't been cooking. When in fact I have! I just keep forgetting to take photos and then I feel like it is a lost cause, and such decide at that point not to post. Is it better to post without pictures, or wait for me to remember at the beginning of the meal rather than at the end to take a picture. For instance I made pancakes from scratch this morning and they were very tasty (even given the fact that I substituted soy milk vs. regular milk, you couldn't tell at all I swear!) but it wasn't until I was carrying the dirty dishes to the kitchen and cleaning the table, and my sticky daughter that I realized that I had yet again not taken a picture.

So since my last post I have been cooking the following:
  • Ham and bean soup (which turned out more like red beans and rice- and we put it on top of basmati rice) These beans were dried beans left over from our CSA last year; so I was excited to use them especially since our CSA is about to start up again and we still have things that have lasted us through the winter

Now I do have to preface before I continue; Tuesday was a horrible day at work and I just didn't feel like cooking, Wednesday I went to the grocery store (and if you know me, you know how I loathe the grocery store) and as such we had frozen pizza, Thursday night I had parent/teacher conferences from 4-8pm so Brian was at home with Molly and he actually made spaghetti! So as you can see the middle of the week produced very little cooking.

  • Last night I made a fantastic Mushroom Swiss burger (YUM!) it wasn't my husbands favorite he is a huge fan of mushrooms, he likes the good old fashioned onions lettuce and tomato burger. But the mushrooms had thyme, garlic, and a red wine reduction (they were sooo good). And the burgers were hand formed (we have had the preformed/prepackaged around here for a good long time, I had forgotten how good the other kind could be) It was good quality beef too, and nice and red (probably not Brian's intention as he likes to cook the crap out of anything on the grill but it was cooked to perfection this time) We also had grilled asparagus -it is asparagus season after all, and spicy home fries. Writing about it makes me think of how tasty it actually was, and of course I wish I had had the forethought to get a picture.

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