Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Balloons and Tu-tus

My daughter last Friday got a balloon from the Party store for free, it was her first helium filled balloon. She was completely enamored with this balloon as we walked out of the store. Then as we parked the car to go into Target she wanted it off her wrist, and mommy did too I might add, so daddy preceded to take it off her wrist so we could leave it in the car. We later had a debacle with one of the items we tried to purchase and as such Brian and I got separated. Brian proceeded out to the car with Molly and I followed later. As Brian was getting Molly strapped in the balloon almost escaped, but was stopped quickly by an ever vigilant daddy. Then as Brian turned around to say something to me that cheeky balloon escaped again, this time for good. I am not convinced that Molly saw it right away, but as soon as we were on our way she asked where her balloon went. I tried to explain that it slipped out the car door past daddy. About five minutes later Molly said and I quote, "Bad boy daddy!" Brian then asked why he was bad, she said, "You lost my balloon." Brian and I just looked at each other with a surprised look and started laughing. First of all for someone that technically wasn't two yet this was two fairly complex thought patterns/sentences that we were stoked to hear. It was at this point that we also realized that some balloons for her birthday would be a good idea. As you can see from the photo she LOVED them! She kept saying, "Catch 'em! Catch 'em!" They provided, all totaled, a good hour or more of entertainment.

*On a side note my mom got her this dress up tutu/cancan dress for her birthday on Sunday and as soon as she opened this package she wanted to put it on. When she saw it the next day looking forlorn on her playroom floor she wanted it on again. She loves to wear it around the house. It is just too funny!

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