Friday, June 4, 2010

Bento Style Snack

This is a little snack that I made for Miss Molly a week ago. It has thicker apple rounds with the core cut out with a mini-flower cookie cutter, and then filled back in with a piece of cheddar cheese (she loved these) Then in the re-useable silicone cupcake holder she has a handful of Pepperidge Farm Golfish crackers, a handful of pretzels (she really loves pretzels by the way) and then blueberry & strawberry kabobs. She did a really good job on the blueberry and strawberry kabobs, she ate those first and as soon as she was done she handed the picks back to me. I made the mistake of giving her a really nice blue bear pick/fork (a special Japanese pick ordered from Amazon) when she went to daycare last week and sadly it never returned. Even daddy was jealous of this little snack and so he proceeded to get a more grown up version, I definitely have some serious snackers in the house but according to my husband last night he just likes to nibble.

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