Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bento #5 (weekend bento)

So we were going on a small trip to go to Camping World; we needed a few things, we had never been, and with all of our upcoming camping trips this summer it seemed like a good idea. If you have never been to a Camping World or Cabella's store let me just tell you, if you like to camp that is, it could be a very dangerous place (meaning you could spend a lot of money there easily). We needed a new camping chair, to replace an older one that was extremely too cumbersome, and some leveling blocks. The new chair is fantastic and sure to be the envy of all at our next camp out this upcoming weekend, it is padded/insulated. It is like all the camping chairs now that fold up but it is more insulated. I am stoked, I don't know about you but my bottom gets cold sitting around when it gets really cold at night here on the Oregon coast (which is were most of our camp outs end up being). My idea was to make Molly a bento to eat on the road on our way down there, it is a good 25 minutes away and we were leaving right at lunch time, however once she saw me making it she had to have it. I have to admit I have been making these things and then sending her off to daycare with them, and I never get to watch her enjoy it -which I now know from experience it is enjoyment, I can definitely use that descriptor word- it was truly great to experience that. When she gets excited at this age she wiggles her little body/bottom sometimes she will even squeeze her hands into fists at about chest level, wiggle the bottom, and say, "Yummy, yummy, yummy." All of these things she did for this bento by the way. It makes me feel good to watch her eat it and enjoy it. Fun!

In this bento, packed in an easy  she has grape tomatoes in the little silicone cup, strawberry and blueberry kabobs on little bamboo picks (I bought these at the dollar store if you can believe it, they had them at Uwajimaya for more money but why not get them at the dollar store! Not to mention that they aren't that sharp so I don't worry about Molly hurting herself when she eats them... and there is something to be said about doing the fruit this way, I know Molly is a good eater but these things were like a beacon to her, she ate them all up before everything else.) I also have butterfly and honeycomb cut out cheese and triscuit crackers. Up at the top a quick trail mix of raw almonds, craisins, and yogurt covered raisins. Down below is a cut up kosher beef hot dog and a cute little Kitty bento pick. I have to work with Molly on using these and knowing that they can't be thrown away over summer vacation. I believe I have already lost a blue dog from this set.

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