Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Zoo Concert and Picnic of the year '10

Tonight's music is Carolina Chocolate Drops and Konono No.1 I have been waiting and waiting! Last year they started concerts in the middle of June and here it is second week of July and we are just starting! Today is like hell warmed over in case you were wondering, it will be about 91 degrees outside as we are preparing our blanket and getting ready for the show. So I have taken precaution with the menu and what I am bringing to help us stay cool. In the past when it gets this hot we have just simply not gone, but damnit, I have been waiting and waiting (I believe I have mentioned this already). To stay cool I have brought a spray bottle, and dampened wash clothes packed in ice and of course our water bottle. The zoo doesn't allow you to bring in any liquids including water, which is fine they provide everything you need including ice water. Of course I have brought sunscreen and shade hats but I won't know until we get there if we will be able to survive and not wilt in the hotness!

On the menu:
Fried Chicken Salad (popcorn chicken, romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes)
Chilled Watermelon
Fresh Cherries and Blueberries
Kettle Brand Salt & Pepper (nod to my sister and brother in-law!)
Brownie Bites
**Molly has her own bento (cherry and blueberry kabobs, salami and peppered turkey rolls, wheat thins, cucumbers, cheese shapes) -but lets face it she munches on everything mom and dad are eating so I am sure she will be eating everything mentioned above and more...

And of course there will be wine, I can't wait to use my wine stix, fabulous!

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