Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zoo Concert Picnic

So tonight we are going to hear Great Big Sea at the zoo, since we are zoo members we get in for free so we take advantage and go during the summer to as many of the concerts as we can. We went all last summer and have gone all of this summer, and Molly really enjoys it.
This is Molly dancing at the last concert we went to.

On the menu for tonight's picnic:
  • Garlic Turkey Subs (we had these last night for dinner and they were so good I changed my plans from what we were originally going to have).
  • Kettle Brand Chips (Salt & Pepper) Seen in pic from last night's dinner.
  • Crudites with dip
  • Blueberries

  • Rocky Road Brownies
Now for the brownies on a picnic the best way to take them and store them so they don't all mash together is to wrap them in wax paper and then put them into a plastic container like the following:

We will be meeting up with Auntie Jenn and Uncle Jim for tonight's concert, it should be fun!

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