Friday, August 13, 2010

25 Random Things; for my new blog hop peeps to get to know me!

1. Maybe two times in a school year will I ever wish not to go to work. I love what I do! (8th Grade Honors LA Teacher)

2. I pick out a new Bath and Body works scent everyday depending on my mood, I have about seven to choose from at any one time and it makes the day a little more interesting for me.

3. I HATE doing dishes, I hate the squeaky clean feeling from moist dishes coming out of the dishwasher, it gives me Goosebumps every time.

4. I am stoked to have my daughter try new foods, I never know what she will eat and what she won't I don't make her something special she eats what we eat, and I get so proud when I see her try new things or LOVE her veggies.

5. I took Shakespeare classes in college as an elective. My thoughts were; I loved Shakespeare but have a hard time reading it on my own, so by taking the class (not once, not twice, but three separate times) I can say that I have read most, if not all, of his works.

6. Most of the time when my daughter starts crying and I know that it isn’t anything life threatening (she is fed, clean diaper etc.) she is just being cranky, I laugh. It is so funny to me that she pouts, and she is so cute! Instead of making me upset it just makes me laugh, don’t really know if that is a good or a bad thing.

7. I LOVE accents. In high school I would annoy my friends sometimes for days by speaking in an English accent non-stop. Since then however my voice has taken on a weird North Dakota/Minnesota accent which I am not sure where it came from because I have never lived anywhere but Oregon. “Doncha know!”

8. I hate it when people find out that I am an only child and then automatically say that I was spoiled. I could have been spoiled but I wasn’t, in fact sometimes my parents went to extremes to make sure that others knew that I wasn’t a “spoiled only child.”

9. I also hate it when people find out that Molly will probably also be an only child and they again automatically assume that she will be spoiled as well. ALMOST EVERYTHING THAT MOLLY HAS IS A HAND-ME-DOWN OR USED (INCLUDING HER TOYS AND NURSERY ITEMS! For those of you that have seen the pictures I have posted, think of all that you can do with recycling people!) Plus I am a teacher, and Brian owns a small business despite what people might think we just don't have a lot of money to spare. Plus why would you say no if someone is willing to pass down items?

10. I used to say that if I won the lottery I would still work so that I wouldn’t be bored, I have since changed my mind. If I won the lottery I would buy some land near here and build a completely green sustainable house, and spend my free time gardening and raising my own animals a la Animal, Vegetable, Mineral style. I mean we are talking off the grid; sun, wind, and water energy (because the land would have to have a creek of some sort) and some sort of waste management system for our toilets.

11. I love my 20+ year old Volvo station wagon, Stella; she is my dream car and the embodiment of me in car form.

12. I have a very good memory for song lyrics, movie lines, and pop trivia. I wish that memory would have translated to my memory of subjects in school.

13. I am a horrible test taker.

14. I am a voracious reader, I read for probably an hour every night, and unfortunately I am a bit addicted to romance novels (I wish I could be more studious and admit to only reading the classics and books from Oprah’s book club, but alas it is not so, give me smut any day!)

15. I am never sick, my immune system is spectacular. When I was a student, as supposed to a teacher, I would always get a little sick on the first day of my vacations. Spring break sick, first week of summer sick, etc… it was as if my body knew it was ok to shut down and get over it.

16. Since having Molly I got a house keeper. It makes me feel a little guilty, until I come home on a cleaning day and I revel in the cleanliness!

17. I love to cook, except when it is really hot out.

18. My mom is one of my best friends, my husband is the other one.

19. I avoid Holocaust movies because they make me too emotional. Once in high school I went to Life is Beautiful without knowing it was a Holocaust movie. Once I realized where the movie was headed I got very nervous and cried a lot in front of the two guy friends my friend and I dragged along with us. And having to teach this subject to my 8th graders never gets easier, in fact it hits harder now that I am a parent.

20. I love my huge extended family. The camp outs we take are hugely important to me, and have been all my life. Every year I can’t wait for camping season to start, and now more than ever I am looking forward to it so that Molly can play with all her second and third removed (is that how you say that?) cousins.

21. Since my husband’s cat, Coal Kitty, I hate all cats, and will never own one again.

22. I LOVE IKEA. It is my Mecca.

23. I think my husband is incredibly smart and talented, if not a bit nerdy (which in my book is a plus).

24. I find LARP’ers incredibly funny and yet strangely embarrassing all at the same time.

25. I can watch a movie and read a book over and over again and never get bored, and strangely enough cry at the same parts every time.


  1. Smut is fun, IKEA is fantastic, and recycling/ re-using clothes is fundamentally friendly :)

  2. Love the post! I feel so nosey!
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  5. 16 & 23 are totally me too! Thanks for stopping by Two Monkeys & a Washtub...following you back! I love your idea for the sustainable living...I think I would be opening a pet shelter though and all the vet care would take power! :)

  6. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better. Thanks for visiting me! Following you back now!

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  8. This is a great "get to know you" post! We seem to be a lot alike!

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