Monday, August 2, 2010

New Bento Stuff has Arrived!

I went a little crazy on J-list and bought some fun stuff that I have been wanting for awhile. It came much quicker than I thought it would, I mean honestly it came from Japan on a boat! But it seemed to get here in less than two weeks. I got all sorts of fun picks, a sandwich crimper/sealer (you put your stuff inside and then it seals it shut, I am thinking this would be great for Molly because she doesn't fully understand how to keep a sandwich together), and some silicone cups. Bonus was the fun Japanese newspaper that it was all wrapped up in! There are a few things that I know I bought but haven't arrived yet. So hopefully those are coming soon. But I can't wait to do a lunch for Molly while she is taking a nap. Nor can I wait for school to start back up so I can send her off to daycare on Friday's with a super fun lunch!

The sandwich sealer did a PB&J and you can see two new fun picks.
The flower steams were used with cherry tomatoes (she had 3 refills)
and the giraffe and monkey picks have blueberries. I used a new little
silicone cup for some pretzel balls, and there is a slice of turkey
deli meat for good measure. The only thing left on her plate
was a half of the PB&J and some of the pretzel balls. She ate
everything else, include three helpings on the fun new picks.
I have found that if I put these things on her plate sans pick she
might eat a few, but with the picks they are the first things off the plate.

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