Thursday, August 12, 2010

Few days, no post (back at the grind)

So over the last few days I had my wonderful parents invade my home to help watch Molly while I went back to work for a few days. While the work, and the people, were very stimulating and really got my juices flowing for going back to school my house/family/and cooking has fallen to the wayside. On Tuesday we went out to dinner at a great Thai Restaurant in town; mom and dad both had Yellow Curry, Brian of course had Masuman Curry, and I had Lemon Grass Chicken that I shared with Miss Molly. It was fantastic and lead to plenty of leftovers, well mine was fantastic the rest of the group said their curries were a little bland, but the appetizers were good. Anyway, on Wednesday we had another Zoo concert Leroy Bell and his band My Only Friends played. They were great, but my daughter's -who only had about a 20 minute nap- left much to be desired and I didn't feel like I really got to enjoy the music. Guess I will just have to settle for buying his CD's and listening to them in the car, in the kitchen, and in my classroom while I set everything up! My dad refused to let us pay for the Thai dinner asking instead that I make another crumble. At the time I was out of blackberries but I did have a pint of fresh blueberries from our CSA bag, and four nectarines. So I used the exact same recipe as before just instead of blackberries it was a combination of the two other fruits. I have found that I really enjoy nectarines, in any way they come in. LOVE THE FLAVOR! Click here for previous post which includes recipe. Just switch the berries!
The berries!

The crumble before and after baking.

Finished product, we ate it warm before the juice could really set, but I think this combination of berries might have needed a bit more flour than the blackberries. The previous crumble was perfectly set, this one was a bit watery.

The Monday night before my parents got here we had grilled flank steak with tossed salad, steamed green beans (done on the grill, click here for how I did it.) and garlic and olive oil noodles. Brian didn't care for this salad, it was tossed simply with olive oil, vinegar, and celery salt. I thought it was great with pieces of meat but Brian wasn't into it.  Anywho, aside from the second crumble, and the food packed for the picnic this was the last thing I cooked in the last few days.


  1. Stopping by from Design It Chic blog hop.
    you have a lot of interesting recipes!

  2. YUmmmmmmmYYyyyy I am so hungry now! Thanks for stopping by my blog Now following back

  3. Thanks for following me. I am happy to follow back. The crumble sounds yummy, only I would have to use apples or peaches, not much of a berry person.

  4. Ooh, that looks yummy!
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  5. Mmm now I'm hungry! Looks delish!

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  6. I think that is the beauty of this recipe @Tracie66 you can substitute any fruit in. I particularly like the almonds in the crumble, it adds texture and taste that I love. That is like the fruit though if you have a nut you prefer use that instead. I'd love to see what you come up with if you make something let me know!

  7. Yummy! Dinner looks delicious!

    Yes, it is certainly okay that you posted my post on FB. :-) And any time you can get carpet someone is going to toss out, that makes a great carpet for garden 'mulch.' SO much easier than weeding!!! Of course the best carpet is the commercial carpet that you'd find being thrown out from a school, clinic, business. The person hired to put in the carpet may allow you to dispose of the old carpet for him - at least worth a try. :-)

  8. Hi there! I'm here from NFF. I love your blog! I am slowly braking into the world of menu planning for our household and your blog will be a big help.


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