Sunday, August 29, 2010

quick from scratch chicken cookbook (Food & Wine Magazine)

I feel like this cookbook looks twice the size it should in the top right hand corner because I have simply dog eared so many recipes to try. At this point I have officially tried 3 recipes out of roughly 78 available in the book. I probably should preface with my first book review that I look for books that have LOTS of pictures (I like to see what the end product should look like, not because I am a horrible cook and need to be able to salvage it when it comes time to plate the meal; but more because I like to look at the picture first to see if it looks appetizing. If it does then I will peruse the ingredient lists and see if in fact I will make it. Does anyone else do this?) I find that cookbooks without pictures are like boats on dry land as the tale end of that ancient Japanese proverb states. I find them sort of un-useable or not as appealing when compared to my cookbooks with pictures... Unless it is a tried and true work horse of the kitchen like the Better Homes New Cook Book, but that is for another post I digress.

From this book I have made the Tandori Chicken recipe for the grill, fantastic flavor and even though the recipe says you have to marinade it forever I came home from work or something and didn't marinade it in the morning and only used about 20 minutes of marinating on the counter and it was very flavorful.
** See the post for that here.

I have also made the turkey sausage with cheddar cheese grits & tomato sauce. I really liked this simple dish, it is made with prepared turkey sausage after all and if you substitute quick grits then this is an easy whip up weeknight meal. My husband didn't care for the sausage, I might have used a chicken sausage actually now that I really think on it, versus Turkey but regardless he didn't care for the texture. I don't believe I did a post on this recipe though, it might have been pre-blog.

I have also made the arroz con pollo dish from here as well. A great all-in-one meal chicken, veggie, and rice all cooking in one pot. I really liked this meal, and now that the weather is getting colder but I still have some leftover veggies from summer this would be a great dish to throw in random veggies to "use them up" before they went bad. Again I am thinking I made this meal pre-blog as I don't have a post for it in my archives.

I not only like this book for the pictures, and easy family style meals but it also pairs it with a wine selection/recommendation, it is by Food & Wine magazine for cryin' out loud. All and all a very good buy,

I give it 4 out of 4 forks!

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