Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bento for Back to School Week

Bento for today, left over rice with soy sauce in the little rhino bottle, cherry tomatoes from our CSA on the picks, butterfly cucumbers (CSA), checkered apples (CSA) and galea melon (CSA) I put sprinkles on it last night and then realized I didn't take a picture when it was super fresh and the sprinkles had already started to break down... not to self do it right before she takes off for daycare!
Moms lunch yesterday, half a peach, ranch in the sauce container, peach packed again at the top of the bagel, carrots and snap peas on the side, bagel and cream cheese, homemade granola bar, and cucumbers.
Dads bento for yesterday, PB&J, granola bar, half a peach, carrots cucumbers and snap peas as well (he also had a small container of ranch to dip the veggies in.
Moms bento for Monday, PB&J  carrots, cucumber flowers, and ranch in the sauce container.
Molly's bento for Monday, PB&J fruit leather flowers, cherry tomatoes from our garden on the sticks, checkered apples, cucumbers with ranch in the little rabbit sauce bottle (although I don't recommend putting anything really other than soy sauce in those bottles, thick sauces are hard to get in them.)

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  1. This is such an awesome idea!! My daughter would LOVE if I served her lunch that was this fun! :)



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