Monday, September 20, 2010

Sandwiches and Bento

Since I haven't been feeling that well and we have been away from home I haven't had the opportunity to cook, over the weekend most of my husband's side of the family did all of the cooking so I have very little to share in terms of photos over the  last few days.

This was our dinner last night, as we had a late lunch before leaving the beach house and were not very hungry. It is a turkey and salami sandwich with Munster cheese on a French roll.

Molly's Bento/homemade lunch-able from last week. She ate so many of the carrot coins and even without anything to dip it in! It is rolls of garlic turkey breast, and salami. Triangles of cheese, and triscut crackers.

Today's lunch was bamboo skewers with ham and turkey rolls, heart cheese, and a grape tomato. At the bottom some great pears from our CSA. She also got a few chips in another container not featured here.

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