Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bento Lunch for Thursday (I think??)

This is the bento I made for Molly on Thursday. Thursday was my official first day of school with students, and then after that horribly long day, full with lots of talking and standing on our feet, I then had back to school night. Friday my kitchen was still a mess from Wednesday's dinner, don't know why that didn't get cleaned up, but it was completely uninspiring to cook when I came home. Then yesterday we had a fantastic party for my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary so I haven't officially cooked since Wednesday? WOW! Anywho, this needed to be posted. I should have had Brian take a photo of Molly's lunch for Friday. I came home and was so exhausted, I sat down for a half hour or so and then said, "Ah man, I still have to make lunches and my feet are killing me!" And what did my darling husband do? He said he could do it! I then said, "Really?" and he said as long as I was good with PB&J he could totally do it. Ahhhhh, sweet bliss! And totally cute!

I had high hopes for this bento, the top half was left over Ragu and papardelle noodles (her daycare lady said Molly tried a bite and said it was, "Spicy." Which is just ridiculous, it wasn't spicy at all and she ate a ton of it the night before! It just goes to show you, I never have any idea what she will like and what she won't. I just give it to her and if she doesn't like it she doesn't like, I just have to remind myself she isn't going to starve!) On the bottom tier was grapes, strawberries and cheese bears (the eyes and mouth are cut outs from fruit leather I stick them on with peanut butter so they don't move around).

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