Saturday, September 25, 2010

A couple of bento lunches from this past week.

 I apologize for not writing more often, but with going back to school and all the reform that is taking place I am swamped. It is much easier to keep up with posting every day during the summer, during school not so much. I am still cooking although even I admit not every night, and there are sometimes when we are all so hungry by the time it is finally ready we dig in and I forget to take a picture until it is almost gone, and I am sure you don't want to see eaten food all the time. So even if I am not making dinner I still have to scrounge up lunch items, so Molly's bentos are still going strong here are a couple from this past week.

The top bento has some leftover roast veggies, herbed turkey rolls, cheese squares, and bananas with sprinkles and a little fish pick, the cheese fish has dots of fruit leather and a sugar eye.

This next series of bentos shows Molly's, Mom's, and Dad's lunch for the day. I had a left over package of tortellini that needed to be cooked, after they were strained I mixed them with some jarred sauce, 1/4 of a package of goat cheese, and some fresh basil it was soooo tasty! Starting with Molly's lock and lock system, she has some cheese squares, some carrot sticks and apple slices, pasta, and triscuits.

Mom and dad's lunches were all the same items just a little larger portions.

This last series of photos are for her lunch on Friday, we had slow cooker pulled pork for dinner and then the leftovers for lunch the next day. I used a hot dog bun for Molly's sandwich cut in half, it was just the right size. She also has grapes sitting next to the sandwich in the top tier of her bento box.

On the second tier she has a few candy pumpkins for a treat, goldfish crackers, a slice of cheese, and a few dried apples with a cherry tomato on top.

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