Monday, May 3, 2010

Being Brave - Razor Clams

So we went camping this weekend, Molly loves it she is a camping girl, and the men all went out in the early morning hours to dig for razor clams. Which if you have never done this activity let me tell you there is a lot of hilarity involved. A lot of stomping, looking, and frantic digging, makes you really look like an idiot for lack of a better word. But there is something about our old hunter/gatherer spirit that makes this very appealing to most.

I was very worried about how Molly would sleep in the camper, she is a real mover and shaker when she is sleeping. Thankfully Nana and Papa bought her a little removeable gate just for the camper and it was perfect, even Winston thought so. Molly would wake up each morning shocked that her "brother" was in her bed. "Buddy in Bed!" she would say in the LOUDEST voice at 6:00am. The big beach is too scary for my little girl just yet, anything too windy and it freaks her right out, so unfortunately she didn't really take part in this activity but I have high hopes in the near future she will be out there with her Papa just like the rest of them hoping to score a big one! She proved this point by really getting into the act of picking up the razor clams from their bucket of water and throwing them back in. She liked touching them, and looking at them.

And then after we returned home we thought what better way to try these razor clams then as fresh as they can be, Nana and Papa stopped by on their way home to do just this. Papa was in charge of the clams, I was in charge of some roasted veggies (the carrots made another appearance, they really were that good!) and Molly helped Papa. She was given her "hammer" a.k.a. a meat mallet and went to town pounding them out. Papa is a very brave man to get his fingers in there to show her just wear to pound. We then proceeded to flour, egg wash, and panko crust them to shallow fry. I did make myself some chicken on the grill just in case, but I did try it! I was very brave, they weren't too fishy or anything. Not really my favorite thing on the planet but I tried them without dry heaving this is a big improvement! Molly tried them as well, and I have determined that she is not allergic to shellfish which is good (yes I had a momentary panic attack after I gave her a bite) but all is well. Yay for camping!

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