Thursday, May 20, 2010

Egg Mold

Second Bento lunch for Molly, remember she only gets her lunch on Friday's for daycare, so I wanted to try a couple of new things as I have been Bento buying happy twice since I have found my new obsession. I am using bamboo picks for the blue berries, and strawberry kabobs. The great thing about using the bamboo picks is that the bottoms of the picks are not super pointy and I am not worried about her hurting her mouth with them. I am also using the little grass separators, those came in a fun box from japan, and wasn't at all what I was expecting when I ordered them but fun all the same. I also tried the egg molds for the first time, and gave Molly the better egg of the two, daddy gets the other one, which I am still excited about regardless. I think the next time I need to put the pointier end of the egg towards the tail instead of towards the lips of the fish. I also made PB&J pocket sandwiches for Molly. She still isn't great with actual sandwiches because she peels them apart and then they just are left forgotten on the side of the plate. So I thought these would be a good thing to try, I will try the infamous pizza pockets next time, and probably do enough for mom and dad as well (I think Brian and myself would like these little calazones/empinadas in our lunches too). And then for good measure because she eats all throughout the day according to her daycare provider, I gave her one of her favorites aka cucumbers and pretzels.

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