Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scary Movies

I know this is a slight departure from food, but it does reflect my life and/or my married life. When I was a teenager I was able to watch all the scary movies, you have a sleep over with the girls and you would rent scary movies and stay up all hours of the night until you finally fell asleep from exhaustion (This inevitably took a very long time because you had scary images running through your head, and every tiny sound you heard in a strange new environment aka Ashley's house for example kept you up terrified). I remember watching all the popular scary movies at the time; Nightmare on Elm Street, Candyman – this one was particularly horrifying for me, Friday the 13th. Well times they are a changin' not only can I no longer handle any of the "scary" movies, but many other genres also don't work for me at all. The scary movies, I think in large part to the Asian scary movie market- and their subsequent American remakes, have gotten a hell of a lot scarier. This is slightly an issue with my husband and me because he LOVES these movies, I can't stand them. There is also a new breed of movie that I can't stand; those movies that have anything to do with a woman being raped and/or something bad happening to a child or teenager.

Last night my husband and I curled up on a couch and decided to watch a movie, we had both heard that Law Abiding Citizen was a good movie so why not give that one a try. The movie starts and I swear to you no more than a minute in and I jumped off the couch in a hurry, tears in my eyes, practically yelling at my husband for not warning me. I then proceeded to tell him that that opening scene is like my worst nightmare come to life, and that those images were going to be stuck in my head for awhile. I am sure that is a small portion of the movie, but to hear the "bad guy" say, "Don't worry little kids like me." was my undoing.

You know what kind of "crap" I do like? Transformers, Iron Man, Avatar, Percy Jackson, Harry Potters, Twilight Saga Movies, any and all chick flicks! There is possibly a reason that the same kind of chick flick gets made over and over again, is it possible that most women if not all, feel exactly the same way that I do? I find that it is impossible for me to watch certain kinds of movies without putting myself in their shoes or being incredibly horrified by what is happening no matter how unrealistic it can be. Take the movie my husband watched a week ago called The Human Centipede I think, HORRIFIC! Why do people like to watch those types of shows? I want to laugh, cry- in a good way, and see love unfold, or at the very least a fantastic highly choreographed possibly CGI'd mega million blockbuster. Is this too much to ask? Leave the crazy scary "realistic" stuff for the news, which I am thinking about boycotting for exactly the same reasons as listed above, why do we always have to focus on the negative scary news? Why can't it be more positive? My favorite piece of the Nightly News the Making a Difference section. Does this make me abnormal? Nope, I think it makes me an optimist. Unfortunately it also means that my husband and I hardly ever watch movies together.

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