Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bistro Dinner

So I was able to use a ton of fun equipment for this dinner. This dinner contained bistro fries (salt, pepper, garlic, fresh parsley) I was able to use my French mandolin; which I have been using a lot lately for carrot "coins" which is what I call them for Molly's Bento lunches, sweet potato fries, or for regular fries like we had this evening. We also had a nicely flavored steak, and to go with the steak I was supposed to have a blue cheese dipping sauce (We all know how Molly LOVES to dip!) I went to the grocery store on Sunday and thought I had a tub of blue cheese in the fridge so I didn't buy a new one. Well when I went to make the sauce, I opened the tub and I could tell it was slightly off. Really how do you tell when blue cheese goes bad? I mean it is mold, right? The white part of the cheese in this instance was off color and it smelled different. Being the freak that I am about spoiled food I tossed it immediately and then stood in front of my fridge for awhile to try and figure out what the heck I was going to do instead. I knew I had some crumbled feta, so I said what the hey, and I used that instead. Brian said it tasted very similar to a creamy ranch style dressing, I disagree it tasted like feta. I also felt like we needed some veggies so my recent stand by is roasted carrots and onions. It was a very tasty meal, Molly ate everything, which really was that a surprise? She dipped her fries in some ketchup, and she dipped her steak in the cheese sauce (which she really liked and asked for several more helpings of both steak and sauce) and she ate a few carrots to round it all out. She is really testing us right now with her table manners, overall though she understands we eat at the table and we eat as a family. For a two year old she really only leaves the table a few times, and might occasionally play with her food or fork. But she is sitting in her own chair, using really silverware, etc. She is really growing up before our eyes!

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