Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

I was planning on making steak fajitas at home for Cinco de Mayo before I realized that I forgot to buy chips to have chips and salsa. I conveniently used this as a loophole to go out to dinner for this celebration. I sort of feel bad about not making the food at home but what the hey, we will just have fajitas next week. You can't go wrong with fajitas can you? No I think not. I told Molly all about it before Brian came home and we even practiced how to say salsa. She had it down before we even got to the restaurant. We all know she LOVES chips, they are one of her favorite things, and something to dip it in is just icing on the cake for her.

We at the whole first bowl of chips and were hoping for a second bowl that sadly never came but we did enjoy it while it lasted. I ordered chicken fajitas, and Bri ordered chicken ranchero (which is a spicy - not spicy hot just lots of flavors spicy-chicken dish) both are eaten with tortillas. We both gave her bites of ours on her own plate, and then we decided to give her just a plain tortilla thinking she would eat that, which she did. But then the next thing I know she is putting it on her plate spreading it flat and dumping some of the food on her plate into the middle of this tiny strip of tortilla. She was rolling it up and eating it just like daddy and mommy were, ALL ON HER OWN! I tell you, I know I am slightly biased but Brian and I both thought this was a stroke of genius. She has never ate a tortilla before, let alone made her own little burrito with it.

She is a good eater, just look at how much she loves those chips and salsa!

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