Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I have mother's radar like no other, if my child is up I know it. If she is crying, I can hear her no matter how hard I try not to. Like this morning my husband got up at 6:20 am, of course after I prodded him awake because he could sleep through a tordnado (when my water broke for instance he went back to sleep three times! THREE TIMES! Before he realized that yes indeed the baby was coming and he needed to get up). He was doing this to allow me to sleep in obviously, which was very difficult for me to do, Molly was a bear this morning. I thought I was getting breakfast in bed, in fact I kept having all these totally weird dreams one of which was that my husband brought me breakfast and I just left it on the side table and fell back asleep. I eventually got up close to 8:00am which for me is SLEEPING IN! My husband made me French Toast, fresh strawberries with honey on them (his own little touch) and some sausage. Now when you see this plate of food I would like to point out that I only ate half of it, it was monstrous, he cut our homemade bread into Texas toast siced slices.

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