Friday, October 1, 2010

New bentos

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but we have been hit with high humidity and hot weather, at the end of SEPTEMBER! My house has been 80 degrees when I get home after work and I have no been inclined to toil over a hot stove. So we have been having sandwiches and there really is only so many times I can post a picture about that!

The bento below for Molly has some pizza squares, & CSA apple slices on the top tier. On the bottom a few candy pumpkins, goldfish crackers, honey mustard pretzel pieces, carrot slices, and banana chips.

 In this lock and lock box bento we have some turkey pieces underneath the cheese flower cut outs (I think that is turkey underneath there!) and some celery pieces -Miss Molly apparently loved these because they were all gone when I opened it up to clean- some dried fruit medley (banana chips on the bottom, dried mango -Molly thinks these are candy, well honestly Mom kind of told her they were candy which I sort of feel bad about, but they are sweet like candy and I didn't want her eating too many of them. And then apple rings). Rolled out bread with some Nutela, then rolled up and cut into pieces. This was the first time she has ever had Nutela (a personal favorite of mine) and I wasn't there at daycare to really jazz it up for her and imagine my surprise when they were completely uneaten when I went to pick her up. What kid doesn't want to eat Nutela rolls? I then proceeded to get her to try and them and told them they were chocolate. WHOA! Did that change the tune. So needless to say it isn't just in how it is packaged for Molly, it is also how mom sells it.

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