Saturday, October 2, 2010

Orange Chicken with Peppers and Onions - Quick trick for rice!

This was last nights quick meal, and it was very tasty. I just stir fried some chicken breast, onions and red & orange peppers then topped it with Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce (a great thing to have on hand for quick meals) and I made some Jasmine rice.

I can remember an incident a couple of weeks ago where I wasn't hungry because I was sick and I didn't know what to make for Brian and Molly. For whatever reason I ended up making some rice upon Brian's request (and I didn't eat it, again sick one here) and he wasn't that enthused about it. I remember asking what was up because he was the one that requested it and he said it was over-cooked. Now, ladies it was one of those moments when you don't feel well yet you go out of your way for your family and then you get repaid with negativity which makes it even BETTER!

But any way moral of the story, that statement stuck with me, until the other day I was watching a show on The Cooking Channel and they were talking about the proper technique for cooking rice. You have to rinse it! I didn't go to the extremes of a sushi maker or anything (they wash the rice several times and literally scrub it and go through a HUGE process to get it to come out the way you like, think about that the next time you eat sushi!) I digress, the point is that if you rinse some of the starch off it allows it to cook in a single grain so you avoid a big ball of mushy rice. Works wonders!

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