Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast (Eggs Benedict?)

During the week in the classroom I had a couple of classes that we were talking about poached eggs, believe it or not a lot of my students had no idea what I was talking about! I was talking about them so much they were really on my mind, so I made them this weekend. This is old fashioned I did not use any silicone poaching cups I literally just dumped them into water with a touch of vinegar. I didn't have English muffins, I had toast, and I didn't have Canadian bacon but I had regular bacon. I worked with what was in my fridge for this spur of the moment thing. So we had eggs Benedict of a sort, poached eggs on top of bacon, on top of toast, with a bit of Hollandaise (not from scratch - it was a mix packet I hate to admit) and a sprinkle of paprika to top it off. Overall I knocked this out in under 20 minutes. The bacon I tried to get Brian to do on the grill so I wouldn't have bacon smell permeating my house all day but he didn't want to. So I did the bacon in the microwave, toast in the toaster oven, Hollandaise in a sauce pan on the stove as the water is boiling for the eggs. I did put in a cap-ful of vinegar in the water, I don't know if this really matters to the egg or not, but I like the flavor it imparts. I have embraced the poached egg, they cam out great! YUM, runny golden yoke. My daughter loves bacon, she loved the sauce (probably not the healthiest thing on earth but she ate it! It was whole wheat toast, and the sauce was made with soy milk but still it had a 1/4 cup of butter in it and she was dipping her bacon in it!)


  1. Eggs Benedict is my all time favorite breakfast! I've tried mine with bacon before but never on toast, I'll have to try that b/c I don't always have English muffins.

  2. Hi there! New follower here, hopped on over from Welcome Wednesday. I've never had poached eggs! This looks yummy lol Drop on by if you get the chance!



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